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Monte Carlo Travel Team

Vittorio Gai


Graduated from Lausanne Hotel Management School. Worked 11 years as Vice - President of Five Star Diamond Awards. Has an extensive experience in luxury travel, beside many connections with  important key players in the hospitality industry.

Nathalie Landier

Incentive & Event Travel Expert

 Nathalie has worked in several exclusive and widely-known companies in the traveling industry that enriched her knowledge of travel and airline ticketing. Her specialities are events, incentives, meetings and conventions. 

Eric Le Gall

Leisure Travel Expert

Ensuring daily operation of Monte Carlo Travel for almost 20 years. Eric is a connoisseur in travel, especially for seaside destinations, and airlines ticketing in general. His specialties are leisure travel, cruises and jets.

Sylvain Rousseau

Corporate Travel Expert

Within the travel industry for over 20 years. Sylvain specialize in corporate travel and airlines ticketing. After living for two years in Mexico,  Sylvain speaks French, English and Spanish.

Dara Galymgereyeva

Junior Travel Angel

Enthusiastic Event Management student from Kazakhstan, who had chance to explore all parts of Europe starting from a young age. Dara is passionate about events and the buzz that can be created around them.

Natalia Cirlig

 Junior Travel Angel

Student in Master degree in Management of international Business, Natalia is passionate about travelling and would like to pursue a career in the travel industry. Rigorous and versatile, she is always willing to challenge herself.

Michaela Catolico

Consultant freelance

Nadya Makarenko

Consultant freelance

Théo Guilloneau

Consultant freelance

Mathilde Vrigneau

Consultant freelance

Alessia Boeri

Consultant freelance

Ioana Rucareanu

Consultant freelance

Arianna Canavese

Consultant freelance


Monte Carlo Travel is the Platinum standard for travel partners. 

They are professional, caring, detailed and attentive. But many companies can claim that. What others can’t claim is the level of dedicated, personalized service they provide. Vittorio and his team know you. They know your preferences, your needs and they leave no detail unaccounted for. When you work with Monte Carlo Travel, you feel like you have a full personal staff traveling with you. Invisible, yet seemingly there just before you think you need help, there they are. 

It’s truly amazing. I would NEVER travel without them EVER again. 

"We have never worked with a travel agency better than Monte Carlo Travel, they have exceeded our expectations far and beyond. Thank you for the amazing experience and creating such a special trip for us. We look forward to working together again soon!" 

"I’ve started to travel with Monte Carlo Travel this year, I’ve never experienced something like this before. They always go an extra mile for me and my entourage to propose the best deals for hotels and flights. Never have I been looked after this way! From their Travel Angel program to unique personalised stay with exclusive room upgrades, they take care of you from the beginning until the end of your trip. You can rely on them at any time and any day! I can’t thank them enough for this wonderful experience and I’ll definitely work with them again in the future."

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